Tattoo Ticket

What is a tattoo ticket?

This “ticket” allows for you to choose one of any of the designs pictured to be tattooed by an artist of your choosing.

These are talismans designed to be tattooed small and in groups but there are no rules and these designs can be tattooed at almost any size.

I’m honoured and thankful that you have chosen to carry one of my designs on your skin.

Please select how many tattoo designs you would like. Mushrooms, stars and moons can be added for free to any tattoo ticket purchase. 

A printable design sheet and receipt will be emailed to you *This is your ticket* Please use this and your receipt as proof of purchase with your desired tattoo artist. 

This is not a physical product.

Warning: having any of these designs tattooed without purchasing a ticket will result in a curse being imposed on the wearer. 

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